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Bene-Bac Plus contains live, naturally occurring digestive bacteria found in the intestinal tract. It aids normal digestion during stressful times and is recommended for animals under adverse conditions, such as antibiotic therapy, post-surgery, birth, weaning, worming or traveling. This product contains probiotics and FOS, a prebiotic to support the growth of probiotic bacteria.

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  • How it Works

    -Newborn mammals have no bacteria in their GI tract at birth. Inoculation typically comes from nursing on their mother. If these newborns are being bottle-fed, giving a probiotic may help to speed the growth of needed bacteria in the GI tract.

    -Mammals, birds, or reptiles with diarrhea lose bacteria from their GI tract because of the rapid passing of fluids. Reinoculation can help to speed recovery.
    -Stress causes a change in the pH of the GI tract. This may cause a loss in needed bacteria. Supplying Bene-Bac® Plus with the seven different bacteria may help to re-establish the correct gut pH so the natural flora can again grow.

    -Antibiotics kill not only the bad bugs but also the good ones. Give Bene-Bac® Plus once or twice per day. (If giving twice, split the daily recommended amount.) Do not give at the same time as the antibiotic, but generally an hour to two hours before. For birds, it is best to consult your veterinarian as it is possible to cause crop overgrowth with overdose.

    Dogs and Cats

    -When traveling, your pet may become stressed or overexcited. Giving Bene-Bac ® Plus one to two days before the trip, the day of the trip, and the next day is recommended. This is also the recommendation when shipping puppies or kittens.
    -When changing food, give Bene-Bac® Plus the day before, on the day of change, and on the following day. It is recommended that a day is skipped after the last day and then a final amount given.
    -If a dog is going to training classes, give Bene-Bac® Plus the day before and then the morning of the classes.
    -If going to the grooming parlor, follow the above recommendation.

    -Give daily to puppies and kittens in pet shops.
     -Give once weekly to dogs and cats as part of a healthy diet program.
    -Give every third day to orphaned infants until weaning. They can then move to a once-a-week program.
    Tips for use:
    -Most dogs like the taste of the gel and will take it right from the tube. The powder can be sprinkled on top of their food.
    -With cats, the gel may be spread on their paw.

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